Last Day of School

Thursday, June 23rd is the final day of school for students. There will be a regular bus run in the morning and we will start our day with a special assembly to recognize the many accomplishments and successes throughout the year. As well we will say good-bye to our grade 12 students and our replacement teachers. After the assembly students will be invited to our front garden where the school will plant a memorial tree in memory of teacher Danny King. This will be followed by a BBQ lunch with students returning to their advisory rooms at 12pm to receive their report cards. Buses will pick students up at 12:30pm. Please note that we will not be mailing our final report cards if they are not picked up. However they will be available at the office until Friday at 3pm. All students will receive an official transcript of their marks by mail from the Dept. of Education sometime mid-July.

Information for our in-House Supplementary Exams is HERE

Enclosed in the final report package is a suggested School Supply List for September.

Wishing our school community a safe, healthy and happy summer 🙂