New Parking Lot Regulations for Student Pickup

Fire Department access to this and any building must be maintained clear and unobstructed at all times, as per the National Building Code of Canada section This is for the safety of the whole school community, as a single vehicle obstructing this lane is enough to create a backlog that prevents fire trucks, ambulance, or police from responding in the case of an accident or incident.

Thus, caregivers picking up students at the end of the school day will not be permitted to park in front of the building or in any of the roadways. Parents are to park in the student parking lot to wait for their child to exit school. There are 84 parking spaces in this area and provides plenty of room for pickup.

Please note: Note there are TWO lanes in the FRONT of the school.
The inside lane KISS AND DROP area with a max of 2 min
The outside lane must be kept free for traffic to move through.

Vehicles are not to park in the roadway that leads to the School For the Deaf or the side of the school.

If a parent/guardian wishes to PARK and WAIT the ONLY PLACE to do this is in the student parking lot. Please see map below.

See attached handout with enclosed map