November Report Cards

WVH released our first term report cards this afternoon to students. We have had 50 days of schools so far with approximately 35 classes in each subject. We are putting an emphasis on attendance as it is so closely linked to student achievement. Please note the number of classes your teen has missed as this may be a very significant factor in their success in the course.

Many of our parents already know the grades for each course as they have been using our Powerschool Parent Portal either on computer or through the Powerschool app on their smartphone. We encourage everyone to use this valuable tool as it provides up to the minute data on attendance and each assignment, test and quiz. If you need your account info please email or call our office and don’t forget the District Code is NNXG. One note though is that the App version of Powerschool has not been syncing correctly and they are currently trying to resolve this issue. However, the desktop version is working fine.

We will hold our Parent/Teacher Interviews next Thursday and parents can book their appointments using the Online Parent Teacher Interview Scheduler or OPTIS. The address is

Instructions on how to use OPTIS can be found here.

Please note that students will be dismissed at noon on Nov. 30th to accommodate interviews and Waterford Valley High will be closed on Friday Dec. 1 for Teacher Professional Development.