WVH Kitchen Brigade!

Waterford Valley High is very proud to be the first school in Atlantic Canada to pilot an after school Kitchen Brigades program under the direction of nutrition teacher Ms. Lisa Smith Saunders and Chef Roger Andrews.  This is an opportunity for students with a genuine interest in cooking to develop personal culinary skills and autonomy in the kitchen while learning about healthy eating, their local community and how food connects us all.  Kitchen Brigades is a program of La Tablee des Chefs (https://www.tableedeschefs.org), based out of Montreal, Quebec.

At Waterford Valley High the program got off to a great start on January 21st with students learning safety and the proper technique for using knives. Students practiced their skills cutting fruit for a parfait with each team creating their own unique dressing.  We currently have 5 groups who will get to know each other as they learn to work as a team and enjoy some friendly competition among themselves. One of their challenges for example, will be to pick a locally sourced ingredient and prepare a dish using that ingredient.  This lesson is designed to raise awareness about issues of food security in our province. These food literacy workshops will run from January through May 2019 in the nutrition lab and end off with a fun “Battle of the Brigades” where a few lucky members of staff will be treated to some fine food creations to “judge”!

Stay tuned for updates from the Kitchen Brigade!